$30 House

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Celebrate 30 Years of Building Strong!
Help build a Habitat home with only $30 gifts

Meet The Bell Family
Your $30 gift will help build the Bell Family’s Habitat home!

“It is such a blessing that people are going out of their way to help my family - a family they don’t even know.” -Chasiti Bell

Chasiti is a single mom raising her two boys, Cayden and Jayceon. She is working hard to advance her career in the medical field. However, the only homes in her budget seemed to be extreme fixer-uppers that she couldn’t afford to fix up. There just wasn’t anything that seemed like a safe, suitable place to raise her boys.

Then, she found Trinity Habitat and couldn’t be more excited about the quality of our homes, “This is a home I will love and that I can afford!” She and her boys currently share a room at her grandmother's, which has been a good way for Chasiti and her grandmother to mutually support each other. Soon though, with your support, Chasiti and her boys will have their own rooms in their Habitat home. Chasiti will be able to have her grandmother over and host Christmas and Thanksgiving in her own home. And, she’ll have the stability of a home she owns with an affordable, no-interest mortgage - a home full of love, memories, and value she can one day leave to her boys.

You can help Chasiti and her boys build their Habitat home. With your $30 gift, you are helping the Bell Family build a foundation for a better life!

Why Habitat?

Hand Up, Not a Handout
Habitat families help build their homes, participate in financial education, and pay an affordable mortgage.

Building Strong Families
Habitat families achieve long-term financial security and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.

Building Strong Neighborhoods
Habitat families work with donors, volunteers, and community partners to build strong neighborhoods.

Why $30?
Since 1989, Trinity Habitat for Humanity has served more than 1,800 families in the Greater Fort Worth Area through new home construction, rehabs, and disaster relief. In celebration of 30 years of building strong families and neighborhoods, we invite you be a part of our mission and to make an anniversary gift of $30. 

Some are making $60 gifts as a couple or $90 or $120 on behalf of their whole family. Some make their own $30 gift and then another $30 gift in honor or memory of someone. And others are making their $30 donation and then setting up a $30 monthly gift at TrinityHabitat.org/donate. All of this is perfectly acceptable and welcome. :)

As you can imagine, it is going to take A LOT of us to make this happen! Please help us by telling others why you love Habitat and share this page. You can also set a goal and create your own fundraising page to share. It only takes 5 minutes to do.

3 Ways You Can Help

1. Make your $30 gift today

2. Start an Individual Fundraising Page with a $300 Goal
(10 Friends give $30 each)

3. Start a Team Fundraising Page with a $3,000 Goal
(10 Teammates raise $300 each)

How do I start a team? First create your individual fundraiser with your personal goal. Next, click the "Create a team" link on your personal page and invite your friends.

Questions? Contact Mark.Rummel@TrinityHabitat.org.